MarbleCam App

MarbleCam - LogoMarbleCam (iPad, iPhone, iPod): If , like me, you love the portability of your gadgets and take loads of photos as you’re out and about with family, friends, work colleagues (capture sneaky snaps of them drinking or dropping something?), or at a conferences or training events, then this is something worth looking over – MarbleCam. Use existing snaps or take them fresh through the app it applies a ‘marble’ type filter to the photo to give it the “water droplet” look.

“MarbleCam takes pictures that look as if you had focused on a glass marble with a macro lens.
The beautiful harmony of the scene appearing upside down within the marble and the blurred background make it look like you took your photo with a real marble or a soratama lens.”

MarbleCam (free):

It an easy to use and easy to configure app which can provide some good images once you get used to it. Of course, as with all these photo manipulation apps, the output is only as good as the input, but it can still produce some good results with even the most ‘dubious’ of photo scenes.

If you’re going to use this then it’s best to practice, not all photos will work well, especially ones with people in it, so it’s best ot learn how to take a photo for this app to get the best from the app.

Note – it’s free, hence the ads on screen. Not nice but after a while they can be easily ignored, just ‘zone out’.

In-built sharing means the usual selection of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, whilst the ‘other’ option will allow you access to other installed apps that are recognised for further editing options. Well worth investigating this, if for no other reason than to see how good you can be.

There are some good before/after pictures on this review of the App on the Sandra Hale Blog.

Even better – why not mix your camera apps together and use the different features and functions to make some truly personal and inspiring images? The above MarbleCam photo was based on a flower I took in my garden recently, which was then processed through Instagram.