‘PetrolPrices Pro’ App

While not related to learning or teaching there is no doubt that this app can help you get places, cheaply! I’ve been using the website and email service for a while now and have just bitten the £2.99 bullet and downloaded this PetrolPrices Pro app and, considering the driving between Bournemouth and Leicester I’m doing at the moment (at least a tank-full each week, roughly 400 miles) this is making it all the difference.

“PetrolPrices Pro is the official iPhone application from PetrolPrices.com. Use your current location to find the cheapest, most up-to-date petrol prices in your area. PetrolPrices Pro will automatically find your current location, or you can specify a location to search for (by town or postcode). The fuel data is the best quality available and is collected and updated every day Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) directly from the price that fuel card users are paying at the pumps across the UK at over 11,000 petrol station locations.”

Petrol Prices £2.99 : http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/petrolprices-pro/id329042856

Once you sign in to the app (same sign in used on the website) you can search via postcode or use your iPhone or iPod location to search in a 2, 5, 10, 15, or 20 mile radius of where you are. You can then see a quick run down of the local stations and their prices, ordered by either distance from you or price.

Click the images below in the gallery for screen grab of my search(es) this morning.

Be careful how you use the app as you only get 20 searched per week: you can have more if you want but that’ll be an in-app purchase (which I’ve not done yet) so ‘could’ be quite expensive – read the comments on the app download page and you’ll see what I mean.

The app was reviewed by hypermiler.co.uk who warn that the “results are regularly updated and I am yet to be proved wrong by results given by the app. I suspect that due to daily fluctuating prices it would be possible that price could be slightly wrong so I would future update to allow reporting of an incorrect fuel price directly from the app itself” but it’s not enough (for me at least) to worry about.