Photowall from Chromecast App

Photowall from ChromecastPhotowall for Chromecast (iPhone/iPad): I recently wrote about the Chromecast I bought and have been trying out. This App, Photowall, is probably the best app currently available for schools and classroom activities.

Photowall enables students in (and outside) the classroom to ‘send’ images to the TV screen.

“Photowall for Chromecast is a new Chrome Experiment that lets people collaborate with images on the TV – using phones or tablets. Anyone can take a picture and send it to a Photowall to instantly see it on the big screen.” 

Photowall from Chromecast (free):

All you need, from what I can see and have tested, is one device that can connect and ‘open’ the Photowall through the Chromecast. Once the Photowall has been created anyone can connect to the website on, enter the passcode for that particular ‘wall, and send images to the screen.

  • Select images, doodle/draw on them, add a caption, and/or send to the ‘wall.
  • Send the code you’re provided when you create your Photowall to others you want to participate and they can send their own photos to the ‘wall – use the link.
  • Save your ‘wall in a YouTube video for posterity.

You don’t have any input into the layout, length, music track, etc/ used to create the YouTube video, it’s all done behind the scenes. Here’s an example created from my first Photowall experiment:

YouTube: David’s Photowall

Here’s some images of Photowall: setting it up, using it, etc.

  • Martin King

    Do you have any experience of using the Turnitin iPad app with Chromecast? Does it work? I’m looking for ways of delivering training to groups rather than one-to-one.

    • Hi Martin – Apps that can communicate with a Chromecast dongle will have the little screen icon, and I don’t believe Turnitin does. If you use Chrome on your laptop you can cast to chromecast from the browser, but not on an iOS device (but you might be able to do so on android?).