‘Prezi’ App

Prezi (iPad): I like Prezi and yes I like the rotation and zoom effects you can use (I also try to use them as little as possible as I know some people get a bit queasy!).

“View and present your prezis anywhere with simple, intuitive multitouch gestures. Drag to pan and pinch to zoom in or out of topics, just like you do in any map apps. Revise and retouch your prezis, correct typos and adjust your presentation on-the-fly. Prezi Viewer is the perfect companion to your Prezi experience.”

Prezi Free: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prezi-viewer/id407759942

I haven’t used the iPad to actually present one of my Prezi’s yet, I’d need to get one of the iPad Dock Connector things to do that if I wanted to present to a screen or projector.

Prezi have produced a great video highlighting the Prezi Viewer App:

I’m not going to write about Prezi itself, this is covered in other posts (see ‘related links’ below) but the app is good and, if used for nothing else other than downloading and viewing a Prezi, is really good.

The following is a Prezi created on the iPad (not by me, but by David Oliveira) called ‘unBoxing’:

It’s free, try it out if you’re a Prezi user (and don’t forget the recently launched PreziU if you’re an educational user!). How are you using Prezi?