TED Books App

TED Books AppTED Books (iPad/iPhone): I reviewed the TED Talks App a while ago, it’s still a favourite of mine to catch up on interesting and/or different areas of development and research. Now TED have branched out into ‘books’, of a sort.

“TED Books are short original electronic books produced every two weeks by TED Conferences. Like the best TEDTalks, they’re personal and provocative, and designed to spread great ideas. TED Books are typically under 20,000 words — long enough to unleash a powerful narrative, but short enough to be read in a single sitting.”

TED Books (free): http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ted-books/id511071050

YouTube: A Taste of TED Books

First thing to remember is this isn’t like iBooks or the Kindle App – from what I can see you only have access to the 15 or so boks shown on the home screen … if you subscribe at £10.49 for three months. For that you get a new TED book every two weeks. If you don’t want to subscribe you can purchase a TED book individually for £1.99.

Um, so what’s to review? Well, not much really – I thought this would be a good direction TED is taking to enhance and complement it’s video and conference activities. It isn’t, on the face of it. It looks more like pure commercialism and nothing else. Sorry. I haven’t signed up nor have I bought a book so I can’t comment on quality of book, reproduction of media and/or whether it’s rich-media (audio, video, animated, etc) or not. As the TED Book app doesn’t shout about anything like this then I’d hazzard a guess it’s not.