WordPress Plugin #11: Poll

Note: In this series I’ll delve into some of the better plugins available for WordPress that I am already using, or about to start using. I’m aiming to highlight 30 of the better plugins.

What better way than to get (almost) immediate feedback on something than with a question or poll? This is yet another easy thing to do with WordPress and the ‘WP-Polls‘ plugin can handle everything you need, including:

  • multiple polls
  • side-bar widget for latest and closed polls
  • choice of how your polls are dislpayed (default or CSS driven)
  • logging of responses
  • time-out / close polls after specificed time, or leave open

You can put the poll anywhere in a post, or have it all on it’s own, the choice is yours – all you need to do is click the image in the blog post tool bar and assign the poll ID, you can get this from the Admin panel (see image below).

Here are a few screenshots of the admin panel and how the polls are displayed (click to enlarge):

Admin Panel images:

Poll Admin Options

Add Poll and Poll answers

Active Poll and Poll Widget:

Active Poll (inc. results) in blog post

Active Poll (inc. results) in side-bar (Widget)