WordPress Plugin #15: Blackbird Pie (WordPress and Twitter)

Note: In this series I’ll delve into some of the better plugins available for WordPress that I am already using, or about to start using. I’m aiming to highlight 30 of the better plugins.

Can WordPress get any better, whether it’s for a simple blog of a full corporate platform for the website and much more … yup, it can!

Just announced is the new Blackbird Pie pluginfor WordPress, which will automatically display the tweet, it’s author, and appropriate links in your WordPress page or post. They say it …

“… is a method of displaying tweets as rich full content rather than as just simple URLs or images. With Blackbird Pie Twitter, hashtags link to search pages and usernames link to twitter profiles. An individual tweet, or pie, includes all the details, design, and information that a single tweet page would include.¬†As a blogger, Blackbird Pie offers a great way to engage Twitter on your site and bring discussion to your blog.”

What do you need to do … other than install the plugin? Easy, just like the YouTube plugin to embed YouTube videos by simply pasting the URL, all you do it paste the URL of the tweet and the plugin does the rest (don’t forget to remove the link on the text!). Here it is in action (I thought I’d use one of my old tweets as an example);

Blogged: What is a Learning Technologist (part 2)? http://is.gd/gcwCs


David Hopkins

Great, isn’t it!

Since the upgrade I downloaded this morning (November 16th) there’s now a lovely little blackbird button that’s been added to the toolbar, and from here you can insert a tweet based on full URL, the ID of the tweet, or search for a username and select the tweet from the list;

The options are …

Which gives you the tweet like this;

This Robin Hood Airport thing is being blown up out of all proportion #twitterjoketrial
Gene Hunt