WordPress Plugin #22: Lazy Image Loader

Note: In this series I’ll delve into some of the better plugins available for WordPress that I am already using, or about to start using. I’m aiming to highlight 30 of the better plugins.

One of the biggest gripes I have when I visit a website is the wait for the images to load before I can scroll down the page and read the text. So when I saw this plugin described on Twitter (and I’d seen the style used on websites like Mashable) I thought I’d give it a try. Why not – if I get annoyed when websites take too long to load, I’m sure others do too?

The plugin is called “jQuery Image Lazy Load“. As you visit the webpage the placement holder for the image is created, but the image is not loaded until you scroll the part of the page into view, and then it fades the image into view gracefully.

Nice and easy!

Note: Since installing I have noticed that images do not show, at all, if you are accessing on anything like an iPhone if you are also using the WPTouch plugin – all you see is a grey box where the image should be!

Do you have something similar working on your blog? Have you been using this and think it’s wonderful, or have a bad¬†experience¬†and want to warn me off it? Please comment below.

  • It’s an amazing plugin … i just installed it and am lovin it …