WordPress Plugin #29: Collapsible Archive Widget

Note: In this series I’ll delve into some of the better plugins available for WordPress that I am already using, or about to start using. I’m aiming to highlight 30 of the better plugins.

I like to browse through blogs to see what the author has had to say in previous posts, and there are several ways of doing this;

  • browse the contents on the home page – nice but a little too random.  Sometimes I am looking for something specific.
  • browse the contents of a category – much clearer contents based on category the author posted to.
  • browse the contents of a tag – this is my preferred method, you get a wider selection of relative and appropriate content.
  • use the search tool – this is always a good one, but often the search box is hidden and it’s too much trouble to hunt for it.
  • use the archive list – browse the archive, month by month.

The other way is to browse the blog y date, and this is where the ‘archive’ come in. This is often the last item in the side-bar and sometimes not even present at all – let’s face it, if you’ve been blogging for any amount of time this can be quite a long list of months to show.

So, after a short hunt through a popular search engine I came across this plugin, installed it, and haven’t looked back – the Collapsible Archive Widget loads a javascript list in the side-bar, where ever you choose to put it (even in the footer?) with  and  images to indicate more or less information to be shown.

Here it is working;

It’s good, but I admit that I don’t use them … so why have them? I have this purely for the search engines; while it’s a bit of a download (and getting longer with the more posts I make) it’s good for the search engines. I will eventually remove this feature on the blog but for now, it stays.

Do you use/browse through websites using the archive lists? Why (or why not)?