WordPress Plugin #14: Mobile-friendly Blog

Note: In this series I’ll delve into some of the better plugins available for WordPress that I am already using, or about to start using. I’m aiming to highlight 30 of the better plugins.

We are truly at the edge of human endeavour, as Stephen Fry puts it, and the rise of the Smart Phone like iPhone or HTC Desire is testament to this. And so is our increasing need to access email, Twitter, Facebook, etc on the move (or certainly away from our cumbersome and heavy desktop or laptops).

This is where the ‘WPTouch iPhone Theme‘ plugin is really really handy. It can transform your WordPress blog, irrespective of the template you use, into a quick and easy format for the majority of smart phone users. Don’t let the name fool you, it does work “when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm mobile devices” too, although I’ve not got these devices so obviously haven’t tested them.

I have posted on this plugin previously, but I’ll recap it here since it has been updated with features for WordPress version 3 blogs.

The admin panel allows you to customize different aspects of your blog’s appearance to deliver a version of your blog to mobile browser visitors without modifying your regular  theme. The plugin also includes the ability for your visitors to easily switch between the WPtouch view and your blog’s regular theme. The finished product … as viewed on an iPhone;