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What is a Learning Technologist? eBook

I’ve been certified! #CMALT

David HopkinsAfter an awfully long time I have written, submitted, re-written, re-submitted, and finally been awarded the status of Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT). When I say it took a long time, it’s not an understatement – here’s how and why.

  • This is the twelfth part in my series of ‘What is a Learning Technologist?’ I have collected the series to date in a downloadable eBook – an update will be submitted to the online stores very shortly.

CMALT – The beginning
I joined Bournemouth University (BU) in 2007, fresh into the role of a Learning Technologist (LT) from 10 years as a commercial web designer. In all honesty I didn’t really know much of what I’d be expected to do but I knew my experience with online communities and techniques in developing and fostering them was key to my appointment. It just goes to show the faith and vision my interviewers had to see me for my potential and offer me the job! I joined ALT shortly after starting, which is where I first heard about CMALT.  Continue reading

Postgraduate Certificate #bugraduation

Excellent, it’s official – yesterday I graduated from Bournemouth University with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education Practice, with Merit. W’hoo! It was 8 months of hard work and well worth the effort, but I got there through the three Units and assignments.

Next up … CMALT, and who mentioned a PhD?

David Hopkins

Update: my CMALT portfolio #CMALT

From my work and continued reading/research around the topic and discipline of ‘Learning Technology’ I have come into contact with some wonderful people, and some even more amazing ideas. I’ve mentioned some of my work in previous blog posts, notably the following:

So, if I started the process in 2009, why has it taken so long to get to where I am today? There is no simple answer, there could be plenty of excuses, and a few reasons. Ultimately it has just been about time and motivation – by the time I have the motivation I have no time left, despite filling in my calendar with specific slots to dedicate to it. Something always comes up and needs attention first!

So, what am I doing? I’ve created a Google ‘site’ for my portfolio and, when I can spare more than a few minutes, I add and update the materials I have already collated together. Finding elements and examples of my work that fit the category is not that difficult, but matching them to the ‘categories’ of evidence, and reflecting on them to the standard required for accreditation is difficult.

When I’ve finished my portfolio, and received notification I have had success with my CMALT application I will release the portfolio for everyone to view, and on my main CMALT page.

I would also like to thank Sue Beckingham who, at the recent Future of Technology in Education 2011 (#fote11) Conference in London spurred me on to “get my finger out” and get this thing finished. Sue’s idea of a regular ‘kick’ up the behind is a good idea, especially as we have Twitter and other social networks in common and can quickly and easily share ideas and progress:

@ good luck with your cmalt portfolio! We should ask each other for progress updates - SoMe peer support :-)
Sue Beckingham

So Sue, how are you getting along?

I have also found the shared/public portfolios of successful candidates a huge boost to my own self-esteem and progress, of which a few are linked below:

If you are already in the process of working on your CMALT portfolio, please drop me a line, perhaps we can help each out. If you have already completed it, and want to share your work then please do so here too.

Free CMALT Webinars

Association for Learning Technology / CMALTThere are two dates for upcoming CMALT webinars from the Association of Learning Technology. These are aimed at candidates wishing to complete their portfolios before the end of the year (2009).

To book your place go to:

These webinars are FREE to attend if you have registered for CMALT or are a CMALT holder on the following dates;

  • 13th October, 2009
  • 10th November, 2009

CMALT – A beginning

David Hopkins, AwardI joined ALT (Association for Learning Technology) about 2 years ago, and at the beginning of last year I attended a workshop on the benefits and processed involved in becoming a Chartered Member, CMALT.

Worryingly, I’ve been so busy since then I overlooked CMALT and it wasn’t until a recent post by a fellow Twitter-er, @jonnycrook, that I remembered it and decided to dust off the forms and information, and do something about it.

So, here I am, doing something about it.

I’ve set up a new category on my Blog for CMALT posts. I’ve set up my profile on the CMALT Community website (please click link to visit; all comments welcome here or there, especially if you have already succeeded where I plan to go), I’ve added my Twitter and Blog feeds into the profile, and I’ve added the CMALT process into my staff appraisal (on-going since May; very busy).

… so, where now? I have to re-read all the documentation on what is needed, how, and when. Once I have this understood I will be in touch with CMALT again to get the necessary paperwork sorted and mentors assigned. Watch this space?