‘Foldify’ App (#foldify)

Foldify AppFoldify (iPad): I can’t remember how or where I found out about this app but it is one of the best one’s I’ve ever bought/downloaded. It’s a simple idea – use one of the pre-defined blank templates of a 3D shape and draw on the explanded, unfolded, version to design your very printed 3D figurine. Through it’s simple and intuitive interface budding artists (and big kids alike!) can create and share their own unique paper figure creations.

“Draw, create, print and fold beautiful 3D figures with Foldify. You don’t need drawing skills, Foldify has tons of free content to create amazing, high quality figures!”

Foldify (£1.49): http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/foldify/id527118971

Watch this video for an introduction on what it does and how it works … it’s really what touchscreen devices were made for!

Foldify from Pixle on Vimeo.

Whether you use it to just download and print some of the ones in the online ‘store’, create your own, or let your kids (at home or in the classroom) design their own, it’s an excellent app with so much potential. A few key features about the app:

  • Split screen makes it easy to see what you’re drawing – the flattened printed version on the right is where you draw and colour, the left part of the screen is where you can see and rotate the 3D version.
  • Print or email the finished shape.
  • Share your creation in the online ‘store’, and download other creations for printing and cutting.
  • Download further stamps, templates, and tools (in-app purchase required) to give you more scope for personal shapes and designs.
  • Use the online ‘store’ to search for shapes and other designed – this is only as good as the names that the designers have give their creations, so be sure to use a good naming convention yourself to make sure your work is easily found.
  • ‘Like’ (or ‘heart’) work in the online marketplace to show your appreciation.
  • View and print/share designs you find online.
  • Flag any inappropriate designs you find – this could be very important if the app is used by and/or for young children.

So, how do I think Foldify can be used in or out of the classroom?

  • Engage children in creating and making the cut-out version (if they’re allowed scissors).
  • Design project artwork.
  • Design characters for books the children are reading.
  • Design challenge.
  • Search and print designs from other school children around the world, and share photos on blogs, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • One feature I’d like to see in a future version of the app is the ability to download a creation and edit/improve/personalise it, use crowdsourcing to create different versions of a shape, but (and this is important) keep the relationship with the original. This could be such a good tool for classroom activities if this was available – give your students something to start them off and see where they take it.
  • Seasonal reasons … create and print decorations for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, etc

I admit that I had problems with the first edition of the app but the support from the small Foldify team via Twitter (@foldify) was exemplary and, with news of a very imminent update, made me hang on just a couple more days to get the fixes to so many of the little niggles I encountered. For £1.49 this is money extremely well spent!

There doesn’t seem to be a browser version of the design store available, or anywhere people are sharing designs and/or photos yet, so I’m just making sure I flag everything / everywhere with the #foldify hashtag (here are some Instagram photos people have taken – view on Ink361.com – and Flickr uploads)

Here is another review of the app from those bods over at 148Apps.com – my sentiments exactly!

“My compliments go out to the developers who have found a creative way to really make use of the iPad as an artistic tool to gives users of all ages the chance to create something unique.”

Here are some screen shots from the App, and from my own ‘attemtps’ at using Foldify. Please leave a comment below with links to your own attempts as well as to share how you think you could use this with your teaching.