Pedagogical Foundations For Personal Learning

I like Stephen’s thinking in the presentation he has produced below, and agree that we are indeed experiencing a shift in thinking, as well as approach, to how we view learning; from the VLE to the PLE.

Stephen points out:

“The central purpose of the VLE is to manage learning (whatever that means).”

while …

“The PLE in an environment for a person to manage knowledge (whatever than means).”

NB: the text in brackets above are Stephen’s words, not mine (in case anyone was wondering.

Pedagogical Foundations For Personal Learning
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  • Thanks for posting this article. It was very interesting. As a primary school teacher I am always looking for PLE type tools that meet my esafety concerns but still encourages more creativity and user choice. When we had Moodle the most used courses were the ones setup and managed by the pupils. Having recently started to roll out a Google Doc domain for the school I am hoping for more user choice. I was pleased to see that some pupils had already started to setup their own web presence via Google sites without any prompting so am hoping for greater sharing through this medium. (You can restrict publishing to only within your domain, although would like to ease this off for some pupils in future)