Show students’ skills along with degree #OpenBadges

YouTube: Digital Badges for Learning

This is the first instance I’ve heard of where a major University (Purdue U) is using Open Badges, and have called the system/process ‘Passport’:

“[Passport] is learning management, mixed with gaming, meets ePortfolio. Students earn badges by completing learning activities presented as a series of challenges. Passport guides students through each task by providing a framework to submit documents, share links, complete quizzes, or gather approvals. Instructors can follow each students’ progress and connect badges with course objectives. As badges are collected, they can be shared online as Mozilla Open Badge or through the mobile portfolio.”

This is what Open Badges can do when implemented across, and through, the whole Institution. They’re going to be far more important and recognised when used for course related activities (simulated business exercise, research, etc) as well as giving the students the ability to showcase their other¬†activities (portfolio, careers, sport, societies, charity, etc?) and when applying for placements and graduate jobs.

Whether employers will embrace badges is another question, but anything that can make it easier for an employer see the best candidate from the noise of the good candidates should be a good thing, yes?


  • Hi David, thanks for highlighting this video. I’ve been fortunate enough to see inside the system and they’ve done a great job. There’s a built-in badge creator and a very slick system for displaying badges.

    Oh, and another thing – they’ve also developed an app for tablets such as iPads which allow you to show off your badges at interview.

    Epic. Win. :-)

    • Hi Doug – Good to know something this innovative hasn’t been taken down some other divergent route of implementation or application that provides different systems and much more confusion. I do hope Purdue U get this written up, submitted, and peer-revewed in journals and educational conferences, etc, or other HEIs won’t even consider it!

      All the best, David

  • Sieg Holle

    This is great . The same type of reasoning should be applied to all institutions. A dynamic fail safe accountability tool open to all for participation and improvement growth .