Images for your Learning Materials & Presentations

Images - dummyIf, like me, you really really REALLY hate the clip art that you can see in old (and some fairly new) materials, websites, presentations, etc, then where can you go to get, and legally use good quality images and illustrations?

Well, try some of these for size;

    With a growing library of over 400,000 images, it is probably as good a place as any to start your search. Be careful to read the T&Cs when you register though.
    Search millions of Creative Commons photos from Flickr and add them to your blog posts easily.
  3. OpenPhoto
    Well categorised and well documented, OpenPhoto has almost everything you could ask for.
    Used by many for family and friend photo sharing, it is also used by some of the world’s best photographers. Be sure to use the advanced search and select the “”Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” box before searching.
  5. FreePhotoBank
    Good for abstract, background, and digital artwork.
  6. Unprofound
    Good resource, not as large as some of the others, but fewer restrictions on the use of images.

There are more, and no doubt you use some regularly, so please post them below.

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