Presentation: “Twitter in Education, what next?”

As a follow-up to my (successful?) presentation ‘Twitter in Education” this one looks into the uses of Twitter, rather than the tool.

Twitter in Education: what next? | View more from David Hopkins

It is also worth keeping in mind the kind of resource that I haven’t been able to include in the presentation, but have provided links to for those who are interested, such as;

There we go; any and all comments welcome, and please feel free to link to or embed the presentation using the SlideShare code.

  • Allie Howell

    Hi again, Mr. Hopkins!

    I absolutely loved your presentation on Twitter, and I also really enjoyed the links that you shared.

    I agree that Twitter is a GREAT way to not only bring technology in the classroom, but to engage students as well!

    Twitter is one of my absolute favorite social networking sites – there is hardly ever a day that I do not learn something new from it! Whether it be a coupon, a website, or a new fact.

    When I’m a teacher, Twitter is something that I plan to use to share information with my students. I looked through the resources that you posted and got some GREAT ideas on other ways that I can use Twitter in my future classroom!

    I am really enjoying reading your posts; your blog is getting me even more excited about teaching! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I followed you on Twitter. :)

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  • Kristianstill

    A nice summary and additional links. I have had brief conversations about back / open channels in classes. Twitter is very useful. In school we are using Analogue and Moodle chat.

    This week we used Twitter as a stimulus to write micro stories (149) based on three words selected from Brainstormer.

    All good fun.

  • Kathryn Buchanan

    Hi, Mr. Hopkins! It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come with technologically infused education. Social networking is not only a place to communicate with other people; it has grown into an outlet for many other things, including education. I agree that Twitter is becoming a way for students to learn and work together in a unique and innovative way. They are much more likely to get involved with something they are already interested in. I have enjoyed reading your blog! I will be summarizing your blogs and my comments on my blog at You can also visit the class blog at Thank you!

  • Mitch Pouliot

    Hi Mr. Hopkins,

    I’m a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed this post and found it very informative. I’m quite the twitter skeptic, but, your links had some great ideas about how to use it in the classroom. I also liked the suggestion to use it to continue class discussion outside of school, and to remind students about upcoming due dates. I guess my skepticism comes from relying on twitter for information. I find this akin to using wikipedia as an encyclopedia. I’m just not sure how much trust I can put into the accuracy of either. I think you have convinced me that it is something I’ll be able to use in the future though.

  • Shusmita

    This website is very beautiful and helpful too. I also use instead to share and upload my presentations. It’s a lot easier to use and supports more multimedia effects.

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  • DonnaKor

    Twitter, Google, Facebook & PGE Smartmeters exist only to spy on you and sell your information to advertisers. They spy on every single thing you do, look at, click on and sell it.

    They also will give the information to people who are suing you and to any agency that requests it. Don’t use them.

     Get privacy software on your computer. Don’t be a tool for them anymore.

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