Thought on using Prezi as a teaching/learning tool

Thanks to Steve Anderson (@web20classroom) for sharing this Prezi on “Thoughts on using Prezi as a teaching tool”.

It’s another good example of what you can do (and what you should avoid; e.g. excessive zooming and rotations) when trying to engage the audience and demonstrate/explain concepts, time lines, technical diagrams, etc.

As with all Prezi’s it is best view full screen.

  • This is a work in progress Prezi I created for accounting students.  I don’t think Prezi’s are good for presenting a lot of information in class, but then again what presentation tool is?! 
    I have now come to the conclusion that it is better if students create their own.     
    They are made for iPads though!

  • John Sutton

    2 thoughts to add:

    1. When working with primary aged children I have found that the non-linear nature of Prezi presented a bit of a challenge and (surprise, surprise) the results were best when they physically laid out their plan on the table or floor using sticky notes or sheets of A4/A5.

    2. I’m working with my daughter on her homework project to produce a presentation on a US state, we’ve come up with the idea of creating an interactive map of minnesota and are going to try to realise it in Prezi. Will link it here if we succeed!

    • The idea of the interactive state map sounds good, look forward to seeing it when you get it sorted.

  • Prezi is a great tool for grabbing students’ attention, but compared with PowerPoint it is highly inaccessible. It is completely inaccessible to blind and visually impaired students – there is not even a version you can give to students to run through their own screen reader software as you could with PowerPoint. The non-linear nature may be troubling for students with, for example, Asperger’s, while on the other hand its non-linear nature may be very beneficial for students with dyslexia, for example. Teachers should be aware of its lack of inclusivity before embarking on learning a new tool, when others, such as Xerte Online Toolkits for example, offer many of the advantages of Prezi (easy inclusion of audio and video etc) and fully accessible outputs as well. 

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