Browser extension creates QR Codes

For those who read this blog you’ll know that I’ve been interested in QR Codes, and how we could possibly¬†use them in the classroom.

Here’s something new I found last week … an extension for the Google Chrome browser (which I use) that generates a QR Code for the current page/URL open in the browser. here’s what Google say about it;

Google Chrome Browser Extension – The tag can be scanned with a QR Code scanner/barcode scanner which could interpret the code and for instance launch the browser on a mobile phone jumping directly to the same URL. The extension comes very handy on for instance mobile phones to avoid typing long URL:s in order to go to a nice home page you found while browsing on your laptop.

I’m not sure it will work quite the way they suggest, I think most people who browse on a laptop will either read the link/page there or save it to either their browser favourite or something like¬†Delicious. For those who want to browse on their smartphone … well, they’ll probably already be on it?

Reading through a few forums on the subject it seems that it is also not particularly reliable, but I’ll try it out and see how I find it. if you’ve experience with it, then please drop a comment and let us al know if it worked (or not), and whether you likes it (or not)!

Here are some of the other QR Code wonders I’ve found recently:

  • Have you seen ? It’s a url shortening service developed by Christopher Gutteridge and Tony Hirst and hosted by University of Southampton. It also has QR code generation with some nice features:

    • qr codes are generated from shortened urls so they don’t need as many data points
    • they have a little bookmarklet which makes it easy to generate a qr code of the page you are browsing

    and my favourite

    • QR Code Redirection Service – you create a qr code which you can change the redirection on. So you can print a t-shirt with your qr-code and change where it redirects each time you wear it.
  • Mark Power

    David, Martin….excellent resources, thanks! :)

  • Kathryn Cummins

    Hey Mr. Hopkins,

    My name is Kathryn Cummins. I am a sophomore at the University of South in Mobile Alabama,and I am currently majoring in elementary education. I am very excited to read and comment on your blog. I am currently taking EDM 310, and it is a very new class to me.I have already learned so much, and I am excited to learn more new information.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Since I am new at all of this, I did not know what a QR code is ;however, I do have a better understanding now. It’s great that you found an extension for the Google Chrome Browser that generates a QR code for the current page open in the browser. Since reading this, I will get the Google Chrome Browser Extension added to my phone.

    From reading your blog, I have already learned a lot that I did not know before. Here is my class blog so you can see what is going on with me and my class. My EDM 310 Class Blog

  • Hi David,

    have a look at this link:

    Its QR codes being used with AR. Very impressive!