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Back in August 2010 I started a series of blog posts dedicated to my faviourite and most used plugins for WordPress. These plugins are either to make the blog smoother, quicker, look good, or something to enhance the browsing experience.

Here is the list of plugins, in full (to date). There is no real importance put on the specific placement in the list; number 1 is not more important than number 30, but the higher up the list the more I value it, if that makes sense? anyway, here’s the list:

  1. Security – look after your blog, it’s contents, and your readers.
  2. Social Sharing – have your readers share your content to their networks
  3. Themes – customise your blog to one of the many designs available for free (and not-so-free) installation.
  4. Creative Commons Licence – slap a CC licence on your blog to protect your work.
  5. Google XML Sitemap – increase the visibility of your blog with this simple Google sitemap generator.
  6. WordTwit – Automate the process of tweeting your latest blog post to Twitter.
  7. Twitter Cards – Include content from your blog whenever your blog is mentioned on Twitter.
  8. Database Backup – back-up your blog, you never know if you’ll need to reload it.
  9. Tynt – Measuring user engagement by leveraging the power of ‘copy-and-paste’.
  10. Subscribe to Comments – give those who leave comments ability to receive replies via email.
  11. Poll – get instant feedback and/or answers to a simple poll
  12. Yet Another Related Post – lists a customisable list of other posts from your blog at the end of each post: very good for increasing the readership of older posts.
  13. ‘WordBooker’ (WordPress and Facebook integration) – like WordTwit (above) this will post your new blog entry to your Facebook status or page.
  14. Mobile-friendly Blog – give you blog a mobile-friendly design for those who visit it on their fancy smartphone.
  15. BlackbirdPie (WordPress and Twitter integration) – embed actual tweets in your post.
  16. ‘Minify’ – reduce the number of stylesheets and javascript files you need to donwload to view your blog with this plugin.
  17. TwitPic and WP-TwitPic – embed images from TwitPic in your post and sidebar.
  18. Popular Post Widget – list popular posts from defined date range in the sidebar of your blog.
  19. Smart YouTube – quick and easy way to embed YouTube videos in your blog.
  20. [Coming soon]
  21. [Coming soon]
  22. Lazy Image Loader – loads images only when the browser needs them for viewing, not before – helps speed up page load times.
  23. [Coming soon]
  24. [Coming soon]
  25. ‘Delicious’ Social Bookmarking – display your Delicious bookmarks in the sidebar
  26. [Coming soon]
  27. [Coming soon]
  28. [Coming soon]
  29. Collapsible Archive Widget – much smaller than the long list of years/months/posts you often see on blogs, this little plugin makes a good addition to you blog.
  30. Cookies – Give your readers the control as to whether they accept cookies from your website.

Just in case I haven’t updated this list with the latest addition, click here for the tag ‘WordPress30‘ I use for each post.

If you have a plugin that you couldn’t live without then please email or tweet me with your suggestion and why you feel it’s a good one and I’ll try it out, and possibly include here.

  • You do realize that there’s a bazillion and one posts about everyones favorite plugins already, right?  Because this is an online learning blog, I was hoping, and it would have been really helpful to find your favorite scholastic related plugins.  There aren’t many of those, and it would be helpful! 

    • Anonymous


      I understand your frustration, and will one day start a similar list on the types of plugins that indeed are used for/about eLearning. At the moment my experience with WordPress is purely for blogs and websites like this, and not (like others) when WordPress is used as a learning platform. I do not feel it right or appropriate to blog about something I have no experience of, and therefore I am limiting the plugins in this list to those I know and/or use.

      If you would like to write a list, based on experience of the plugins you use in a learning environment, I would be happy to publish it here for you?

      All the best, David.

      • Sarah Jones

        Hi David – I have just been raving about this post! I haven’t been blogging on wordpress for years and you have made the reintroduction a breeze! Thank you!

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