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The classroom will learn you

The Classroom will Learn ‘You’

IBM have released five videos – “In the future, everything will learn” detailing their belief in where technology will take us in the next five years. In ‘The classroom will learn you’ IBM believe that the “classroom of the future will learn about each individual student over the course of their education, helping them master the skills that match their goals.” Something that is echoed (or mirrored) in the 2014 NMC Horizon Report also announced earlier this week, where ‘learner analytics’ are highlighted as a key trend (in the mid-range / 3 to 5 year context) and under the heading ‘important developments’ in Higher Education (time-to-adoption of one year or less).  Continue reading

ULCC ‘Future of Technology in Education’

Future of Technology in Education #FOTE13

ULCC ‘Future of Technology in Education’ For the first time in, what, four years I am not planning trains to London for the annual Future of Technology in Education Conference. I’ve got to say, it’s quite a wrench to say that as it’s both a good conference and an excellent opportunity to network.

So, why am I not going? Two reasons mainly but ultimately I wanted a year off: it can be quite a trek to get to London which is made even harder when you have to factor about getting across London as well and then, with the conference being on Friday, the journey home with everyone else who’s evacuating the city is always a nightmare.

  1. With only 300 tickets available there are far more people following online, either through Twitter #fote13 hashtag and the personalities and presenters themselves, Facebook and Google+ pages, or the streamed service. So, this year, Continue reading

The rise of human-computer co-operation #edtech

As technology becomes more ingrained into our daily lives, and our reliance on it for tasks and information increases, so the competition of ‘man vs. machine’ debate hots up. However, Shyam Sankar looks not at this future not as ‘man vs. machine’ but man + machine’:

YouTube: The rise of human-computer cooperation

“Isn’t it supposed to be about man vs machine? Instead it’s about co-operation, and the right type of co-operation. We’ve been paying a lot of attention to Marvin Minsky‘s vision for Artificial Intelligence over the last 50 years. It’s a sexy vision for sure, many have embraced it, it has become the dominant school of thought in computer science. Continue reading