Infographic: Technology In The Classroom

Thanks to Upside Learning for finding this Infographic this morning. While it’s only using the US for it’s facts and figures it shouldn’t be too difficult to see a pattern that we can see in the UK as well.

From the Pajama Pundit website;

“… the scariest stats in this infographic are near the bottom. 64% of teenage students used emoticons and a full two-thirds of American teenagers use Internet abbreviations (OMG, LOL, etc.) in their schoolwork.”

  • Hey!
    My name is Neileigh Chastain in am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am taking EDM from Dr. Strange. It truly made me laugh after I read this blog, because I could not tell you how many time I have had to go back though my comments that I leave for people and take out the internet abbreviations. I find myself using “lol” many times and it just tickles me how I normally do not realize it. It is something that most people who have grown up with cell phone do a lot. Hopefully I will get better at using the proper words “lol” laugh out loud.Thanks for sharing this!
    Neileigh Chastain