Next phone; what to get?

So, I’m about to come to the part of my current contract where I get to upgrade to a new handset if I sign-up for a further 18 months. Here’s the BIG question … what do I get?

I’ve had my Nokia 6300 for about a year now, and it’s been good, but it’s not ‘modern’ enough for what I need; it’s a phone. Now I need a smartphone. I’m looking long and hard at the iPhone and Blackberry handsets and I’ve found I’m sat between two very different worlds.

Here’s how I’m working out which direction to go:

Apple iPhone

+ Amazingly sexy
+ So many functions and applications it boggles the mind
+ I can access Twitter using Twitterfon app 

– Vulnerable to scratches?
– Naff keyboard
– Predictable; everyone gets or wants one, and doesn’t show anything other than the fact I follow the crowd (I hate doing that!!)
– Expensive contract, on network I don’t like 
– I already have an iPod Touch and Classic so don’t need another bloomin’ Apple product!

Blackberry Bold

+ Proper keyboard
+ It’s not an iPhone 

–  Size
– Screen size
– Blackberry Internet access a separate price on top of network cost/charges
– Twitter app not currently available (?)
– Smaller screen than iPhone 

I’ve also considered the following handsets, and have discounted them mainly for reasons of either size, looks, lack of functionality, operating system, battery life;

Samsung F700 / G810
Blackberry Storm / Pearl
Nokia E75 / N96 / N97
HTC Touch 

But I don’t know which way to jump. Comments anyone??

  • A new-release iPhone handset may be on the cards, if the rumours are to be believed.

  • Thanks Ryan, that’s what I’ve heard …

    From ‘Times Online‘ … “New iPhone 2009 – fact and fiction”. I have heard that we might be able to expect this in June (next month!!). I guess we can also expect very expensive tariffs while they exploit the keen few who ‘must’ have it as soon as it’s released. This is why I’m toying with the alternatives.

  • Shirlpj

    I am in the same position but am tied to Orange or possible Vodaphone as the only ones to give me a decent signal here in rural Wales. Currently have HTC touch Dual – ok but want MORE! I like the look of the Palm Pre but don’t know how long before it comes to UK or which network. (US release date rumoured to be 5th June)
    also lots of reviews on youtube.

  • helen

    go for the HTC Touch HD, or the Sony Ericsson Xperia (X1)

  • Wow – reading this old post reminded me how easy the decision was. The Blackberry just didn’t “have it”. I toyed with the Palm Pre for a week and ended up with the iPhone, as I knew I would –