Sony to launch new Reader(s)?

Rumours are still rife that Sony are expected to release details of the (imminent) release of not one, but two new Readers.

ZDNet: Sony launches two new readers including a pocket-sized $199 device

ZDNet: Sony launches two new readers including a pocket-sized $199 device

While we know Sony for their innovative, if somewhat lacking, Sony Reader PRS505, news of an updated model is not unexpected (since the Kindle is now on it’s second edition). What wasn’t expected is the possibility of two models.

The PRS300 is a smaller (5″ screen) and more light-weight edition, more akin to the original idea for what the eBook reader should be: portable, small, holiday-book market, while the larger PRS600 is what educators were looking for in the original version; touch-screen, wireless (?), Mac-compatible, support for Google ePub, and even note-taking (not sure on this final point though).

Little information is available on when they will arrive in the UK, and if so at what price, but the US is going crazy for any information it can get.

Based on my experience with the original PRS505 the addition of wireless and touch-screen technology will help ‘sell’ it as mobile learning device. It still looks like it lacks enough features and technology to make it anywhere near good enough for students and/or educators to want to spend the £200-300 price-tag it’ll demand when (if) it comes out.

  • Figures have just been released by Waterstone’s in the UK; the Sony Reader Touch is £250 and the Sony Reader Pocket is £180.