Sparkol – VideoScribe in Education #edtech

If, like me, you like the effects and impact the RSA Animate videos have – taking a speech or audio recording and making an animated film of the important elements (like Sir Ken Ronbinson’s talk) – then you’ll love VideoScribe.

“Create engaging content for your lessons without being a designer or being an animator whizz. It’s simple. Inspire young imaginations, facilitate learning and help your messaging ‘stick’ in their minds.”

Here is the demonstration video from Sparkol, see what you think.

YouTube:VideoScribe in Education

Is anyone using this? I wanted to try it out but balked at the £16 per month / £119 + VAT per year cost (how long does the free trial last?). I can see it being really good at animating a podcast or recorded lecture, much like the RSA Animate videos, and maybe bringing tutorials or seminar session recordings to life … but how much time would it take? Could students use the Institution license to produce work as part of a project or assignment?

  • We trialled VideoScribe at my workplace by animating one of CJ Delling’s graphic recordings: (She was working for us at the time.)
    While it needed a bit of tweaking, which had more to do with our lack of familiarity with the software rather than the capability of the software itself, it worked surprisingly well.
    However we too baulked at the pricing model, so we have put it on hold for the moment. I am keen to take another look at it in the future, as I think it has potential to capture the expertise of SMEs who are too shy to show their face on camera.

    • Hi Ryan – I downloaded it and then realised that the trial is for 7 days only: a pity as this doesn’t give nearly enough time to properly evaluate and learn the subtleties. Perhaps with some pressure they’ll develop an educational license, as did Prezi?

      Thanks for this, all the best, David

  • Joh Lyons

    The trial lasted for a month when I tried it out. It wasn’t enough time for me to complete anything, but it looks like a great tool.

    • Hi Joh – the trial is for 7 days at the moment :-(


    • I see there’s an app in the App Store, but for £2.99 it doesn’t say anything about the additional or ongoing costs. If its a solid £2.99 and only £2.99 then it’s a good deal … But do you still need the monthly account?

      Hmm, not looking as education friendly as I first thought.

      Anyone using the app?


      • I had a reply/tweet from VideoScribe saying the price of the app is for the full functionality of the app and the service, but it is not connected to the desktop edition, which is still a costly option.


  • Thierry

    there is another new alternative for Sparkol. it’s an online platform with plenty of Pre animated objects that you just have to drag and drop and choose your animation
    it’s called Moovly. they are still in beta but you can register for free and test it out. the site is