Useful iPhone App: “Analytics Pro” for Google Analytics

I’ve always tried to stay away from blog posts that are platform specific but this is one that has really transformed part of my blogging time. I used to have AWStats installed on the server for Don’t Waste Your Time, but I recently had issues where a rouge process caused my hosting company to restrict access to scripts … thus turning off the blog. So, I bit the bullet and installed Google Analytics code to monitor the blog.

Mind you, saying what I just did about writing platform-specific posts … the WordPress 30 Plugins series is going well, so I haven’t done too well in staying away, have I?

I’ve used Google Analytics on other websites I maintain and host, but as I started with AWStats I wanted to continue because I had all that historical data to compare against. However, with a couple of days since I started using Analytics I am not looking back, only forwards, and, in order to monitor and investigate the usage of this blog, I looked at the different Apps that were available in the App Store.

A few of the ones available are free, but after reading the comments I decided that I’d try the £3.99 version of Analytics Pro.

So far so good – I’ve logged in and can see the different profiles and websites I’m monitoring, and can access the real-time (as real-time as Analytics gets) for each domain. Here are a few screen-shots from the stats on my blog over the past 2 days;

I can access all sorts of information, analyse browser specific data, platform specific data, open or restrict the date to be analysed, investigate browsing history based on location or language options, as well as any ‘goals’  or ‘e-commerce’ specified in the main Google Analytics website. I can see what traffic source my blog gets (search engine, google, Facebook, etc), top landing and exit pages … everything you expect from an app version of the website.

Just bizarre that Google haven’t done this … (or did I miss something)?