Why my blog post titles have #hashtags in them, like #UKEdTech

I have changed how I write and title my blog posts recently.

Those of you who have followed me for a while on Twitter, Facebook, or just on my blog (thank you for subscribing) will know that I used to write the post, put a Twitter hashtag in the title, publish the post then change the title so it read properly afterwards.

Now, however, I find I get more traffic and re-tweets if I leave the original title with hashtags in place.

Example in point – my last post on QR Codes has been retweeted a few times by some kind folks who have found it on my blog, and if the retweet button is pressed on my blog then the title, hashtag, and credit (@hopkinsdavid) is sent with the link.

Without the hashtag, this would have been any other tweet – with the hashtag the profile of this post is raised to new searches in the hashtag. I have seen increased traffic to my site for old (6 months and older) posts, along with comments and emails coming on the back of them.

So, while it may not ‘look’ nice on the blog, the funny #hashtag in the title has it’s purpose. Sorry!