Augmented Reality App from the Museum of London

It’s taken me awhile to find this (thanks to Ignatia on Twitter for the tweet to the PetaPixel website), but how good is this … “Streetmuseum is a new (and free) augmented reality iPhone app created by the Museum of London that allows you to browse historical photographs in various parts of the city”.

“The [iPhone] app leads you to various locations around London using either the map or GPS. Once you’re there, click the “3D View” button, and the app will recognize the location and overlay the historical photograph over the live video feed of the real world, giving you a brief glimpse into how the past looked.”

And it’s not just the Museum of London, even National Geographic are looking into the possibilities of Augmented Reality. At last, the possibilities are being explored by the kind of people and organisations who have the ability to lead.

So, who’s next?

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