Developing a PLE Using Web 2.0 Tools

Continuing my search to find out more about new techniques for eLearning has brought the PLE, the Personal Learning Environment, to my attention (see previous posts on PLEs). 

In short the PLE seems to be an update to the VLE, but with a greater emphasis placed on the student and the learning materials, and less on the Institution ‘structure’ and management needs.
Read this: What is a PLE?

Much searching brought me to this presentation by Sarah Guth where she uses Web 2.0 tools (wiki, blog, podcast, etc) to encourage the students to self-develop their own PLE. Although this is based around a PLE for a language learning course, the principles can be applied to any kind of online activity/course. Enjoy.

Developing a PLE (Personal Learning Environment) for Language Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools