Digital Artefact for #edcmooc Wk.5

EDCMOOCHere we are, the final week, well done everyone, we made it!

A ‘Digitial Artefact’ you say? What’s that then? I was not sure when the MOOC started what a digital artefact was, but now understand it’s just another term, albeit slightly pompous, for a blog post, a video, an image, a collection of audio/visual elements that make are collected together in one ‘presentation’ mode.

And what is this artefact to do: The artefact will be critically peer-assessed on elements and themes of the course:

  1. The artefact addresses one or more themes for the course
  2. The artefact suggests that the author understands at least one key concept from the course
  3. The artefact has something to say about digital education
  4. The choice of media is appropriate for the message
  5. The artefact stimulates a reaction in you, as its audience, e.g. emotion, thinking, action

I decided to bring together some thoughts around the MOOCs theme in a Prezi, see below:  

David Hopkins’ Digital Artefact #edcmooc on Prezi

“From the past few weeks of this MOOC I have learned that technology itself is actually a very disruptive and destructive ‘entity’ and that, if left unchecked and unbalanced, has the potential for a very dark and dystopic future. But, and here’s the ‘thing’, it’s not technology itself that’s at fault, but how we allow it to affect our lives.

“However, if nurtured and allowed (encourage?) to mature, technology and how we see/use it also has the potential to enhance and enrich each and every learner and teacher who uses it. Here’s the other ‘thing’, we’re so focused on technological development do we slow down enough to allow the current technology to mature and settle into a pattern and everyday life before we go hunting the next best thing?

Your choice – which future would you prefer?”

Thank you.

Here are links to the other pages that will form the series of posts on the Coursera MOOC:

What about submissions from colleagues and peers on the MOOC? Here are a few of the many excellent ones I’ve seen so far that caught my imagination – damn, we’re a fine bunch of creative people!