“Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea!” #blideo

So, Steve Wheeler has updated the #blimage challenge to video now (a natural progression), and challenged a few people to reflect and write on what it means to them.

You can read my #blimage and #blideo posts here, and find out more about the challenge and how to get involved (hint: find an image, write about it as part of a learning journey or story or experience).

Here’s Steve’s challenge:

Apart from the shear volume of the herd (makes me think about “following the herd’ mentality) it’s the poor lost/stuck calf at the end of the video. Whilst struggling with confidence on jumping the fence, like he’s seen all his family do, he finally tries it, succeeds, and runs to catch up with the herd. 

Here’s the bit I focussed on, the bit right at the end … the herd, or three of them at any rate, waited for him.  Or that’s my interpretation. For me that’s the beauty of a working herd, a community, or a group focussed on a shared goal (see BYOD4L or LTHEchat or FOS4L). When one is in trouble the community comes to his or her aid. Whilst elk obviously can’t encourage or instruct the calf on how to get over the fence, they are still around once he’s jumped it, and rally around when he’s close.

That’s what I believe a community (of practice) is and should be.

Now for my challenge. Using this clip from the 1969 classic Italian Job, say what it makes you think of, professionally or personally. For this I challenge everyone, but would like to hear from James Clay, Julian Stodd, and Terese Bird (quite a mix of backgrounds and perspectives from these EdTechBook authors).

“Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea!”

Image source: Stairs (CC BY-SA 2.0)