MOOC Infographic

MOOCs are very popular at the moment (Massive Online Open Course) – talking about them rather than taking them. Maybe this is because there isn’t a huge amount of MOOCs available on a variety of different topics, but this is changing.

Here’s a good infographic on the ‘World of MOOCs’ – I’ve highlighted the section on the benefits and issues of MOOCs, as this is obviously going to be one of the first thing an educator will look at as to whether they (a) participate in a MOOC, or (b) help or facilitate in a MOOC:

The World of Massive Open Online Courses MOOC
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  • MOOCS are free (mostly), but for how long – current providers can’t continue to let them be free, can they?
  • Informal learning isn’t for everyone.
  • Academic ‘dishonesty’ may surface due to lack of supervision – but as there isn’t any grade or associated certificate then does this matter?
  • Collaboration and networking can be of a huge benefit to participants, as well as for the facilitators.

Have you taken part in a MOOC? Which one and how did it go? Please share your experience by leaving a comment here or link to your own blog post/review.