My top EdTech CPD tips

For day 6 of the #JuneEdTechChallenge we’re asked what are our top CPD tips.

And this has me thinking … why am I do bad at taking my own advice about keeping my CPD activity fresh? Or active?

I’m sure many will recommend Twitter, MOOCs, or LinkedIn Learning, or some other 60 second CPD type activity, and they are all really good. And I’ve used them all too. Some are easier to keep up to date with and not let the activity slide, some not so.

What has helped me more than any other CPD type activity is a mix of the activity itself and the support network that comes with it. I am mainly talking about CMALT and HEA accreditation. So far I’ve managed to obtain both CMALT and FHEA status, and have been looking to improve to the senior level for both.

And this is where I fail, Time. And effort. And energy. And motivation. Since lockdown started I’ve found less and less time (and energy) to focus and actually get started on both of these. I can’t use lockdown and Covid as the only excuse, but the increase in workload and pressures at work and home have hammered my ability to focus and stay positive – by the time I switch the laptop off from work-David to become home-David/Dad, I’m knackered. The last thing I have any motivation for is to do more in front of the computer – it doesn’t matter how interesting or important it may be, I have no appetite for more screen time.

For me, I MUST do better. I MUST make more effort for CPD – I see so many around me taking time from their work or projects, or taking time in the evening to attend webinars and other CPD activity. If they can, so can I!

My ‘top tip’ is to use your network to find the activity, use your network to stay motivated, and use the network to share the outcome … this way you’ll get motivation AND a sense of achievement!

At this point I will pause and thank a few key individuals who have really helped me recently with my CPD (and attitude to it), these being Deb Baff, Maren Deepwell, Daniel Scott, Rachel Challen, Sue Beckingham, Dan Course, Craig Taylor, Rob Gissing, Leonie Sloman, Simon Finch, and Sheila MacNeill – all have helped in some small way to keep me sane and positive. Thank you.

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