Plagiarism: Web sources for unoriginal content

If you’re interested in Turnitin and it’s use with student learning them the facts and figures in this infographic produced by Turnitin might interest you.

While the figures cover the US side of Turnitin submissions only (between June 2010 and June 2011), you can get a lot from this:

  • 128m matches were found from 25m submissions,
  • 20% of matches  in Higher Education uses came from ‘cheat sites’ (compared to only 14% for Secondary Education),
  • 26% of matches in HE uses came from social or shared content (compared to much higher 31% in SE),
  • Slideshare is a popular source for students to cut-and-paste work from, un-referenced, but not as popular as Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers.

Click to view full Infographic