Reflection on the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC, Wk.0 #edcmooc

EDCMOOCWe’re off … not quite! The Coursera and University of Edinburgh MOOC on “E-learning and Digital Cultures” starts next week, although with all the chatter surrounding it you’d think it’s well under way already (good publicity?).

The contact we’ve had from the organisers in the run up to the start of the MOOC (and I was able to speak to Jeremy Knox briefly at the Durham Blackbord Users’ Conference) has been really good, via emails and Twitter (my main two channels of contact) and I’ve had the ability to interact with the organisers and fellow students on the various social network platforms that have had areas set up (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google Maps) – to be honest I’d prefer to choose just one to concentrate on, I already feel like I’m being pulled in different directions.

I will not be joining the Facebook group as I use Facebook  purely for family & friends – I keep work and Ed Tech passion to Google+, Twitter, and here on my blog.

Considering the fact I hear that the MOOC has upwards of 36,000 people signed up for it I think it’s be prudent and very sensible to concentrate on your preferred platform (Twitter, Google+, etc) as well as the Coursera platform, and stick there otherwise it’ll be too difficult to keep up to date with what is going on.

I have also added my blog RSS feed to the ‘EDC MOOC News’ feed so this post, and any others with the #edcmooc hashtag in the title will be on the participant blog list.

So, the ‘course’ will be divided into two ‘blocks’ of content, each block will be two weeks long and “consider a key theme emerging from popular and digital culture”:

  • 1st block: “utopia and dystopia”
  • 2nd block: “being human in a digital age”

I’m looking forward to creating my ‘digital artefact’ for the final week, and submitting it for peer review (no idea what that’ll be about, but it should be good!). This artefact needs to be “designed to be experienced digitally, on the web. It should therefore contain a mixture of text, image, sound, video, or links, and be easy to access and view online.”

PS. If you’re doing the MOOC, don’t forget to set up and complete your Coursera profile – here’s mine!

How have you found the hype of MOOCs (in general) and the run-up to the EDC MOOC? What are you most looking forward to in this MOOC – the course and content or the pedagogy behind the MOOC, the learning resources, and Coursera?

Here are links to the other pages that will form the series of posts on the Coursera MOOC: