Resources: Games and Gaming in Education

A few detailed Google searches later and I find this little page:

Selected URLs and other resources for Game-Based Education, e-Learning and Training

Not all the links to the ‘online articles’ further down the page are working  but some further searching will find them easily enough. I’ve selected a few I liked for you below (as well as updating my Links/Resources page).

Question: Has anyone developed some form ‘game’ that is being used in education? Can you let us see it by replying below?

I’m looking for examples of anything which is effectively ‘not’ text-based but ‘is’ used in education (preferably higher education). I’ve been in contact with Caspian Learning who are expecting to release an educational licence for their ‘Thinking Worlds’ software vey soon; thus enabling non-technical users (non-developers) to generate almost-AI interactive games.

Watch this space …