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ECAR STUDY OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 2013The Educause Centre for Applied Research (ECAR) has recently published their “ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013” report.

The report summary has the following key points and recommendations:

Key Findings

  • Students recognize the value of technology but still need guidance when it comes to better using it for academics.
  • Students prefer blended learning environments while beginning to experiment with MOOCs.
  • Students are ready to use their mobile devices more for academics, and they look to institutions and instructors for opportunities and encouragement to do so.
  • Students value their privacy, and using technology to connect with them has its limits.

ECAR Recommends

  • Students expect their instructors — not others — to train them to effectively use the technology required for coursework (e.g., use of the CMS, hardware, and software—including specialty software and common productivity software). Instructors need support, encouragement, and possibly incentives to do so.
  • Educate your students about MOOCs; most students are unaware of them. Institutions have a fleeting opportunity to contextualize MOOCs for students in a way that will mesh with the institution’s own MOOC strategy.
  • Create (or update) a strategy for incorporating mobile device use into the classroom. Address the IT infrastructure barriers (such as a lack of convenient charging outlets and/or charging stations and insufficient network access) that keep students from using their devices effectively while on campus.
  • Approach learner analytics purposefully and thoughtfully by adhering to information privacy principles. Collect data for a stated and transparent purpose in order to build students’ confidence in learner analytics activities.

While you take the time to read and digest the report they have also produced an interesting infographic to help you:

 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013 Infographic
Click to view the complete 2013 Infographic

Some figures from the infographic:

  • Two thirds of students surveyed said their tutors “have adequate technical skills” and “use technology effectively”.
  • Half of students wished their tutors would use eBooks more.
  • 77% (outside the US) of students said they preferred blended learning classes.
  • Smartphone and tablet ownership is up 14% on last year.
  • Smartphones used to look up information, photograph information, and to access digital resources.
  • Three quarters of students ‘banned or discouraged’ from using smartphones in the classroom.
  • 58% of students own three or more internet-enabled devices.
  • 60% of students prefer to keep academic and social lives separate.

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