Presentation: Podcasting and the Listening Culture

Many thanks to Steve Wheeler for this presentation.

Steve has a few choice quotes dotted throughout the presentation that apply to more than just podcasting, of which I especially like the following:

  • David Warlick: “For the first time we are preparing students for a future we cannot clearly describe.”
  • Steve Wheeler: “Where digital communication has fractured the tyranny of distance, and computers have become pervasive and ubiquitous, identification through digital mediation has become the new cultural capital.”
  • James Clay: “Podcasting is all about planning and content and very little about technology and equipment, though we focus on the latter.”
  • Cath Ellis: “While most students love the flexibility, some feel they are being ‘short changed’ if teachers aren’t performing ‘live’.”
  • John Gardner: “All too often today we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.

I’ve used the emphasis on John’s quote as this is important (to me). The school I went to believed (back in the 80’s) that repetition is how you learn … I didn’t and I still don’t! I learn by seeing and doing, often getting it wrong but then being able to learn from my mistakes. I learn by being involved, by (using John’s analogy) growing my own plants and not being handed a bouquet of plastic ones.

Anyway, please take some time to fully look through Steve’s presentation, it’s worth the time!

Podcasting and the Listening Culture