2012: BU Business Mania

Business Mania 2012

Following on from my presentation with Deborah Sadd in April 2012 to the School of Tourism Careers Forum, the student-run Business Mania invited me (back) to Bournemouth University to present an updated (and more business focused) edition of the presentation to their members.

For those not aware, Business Mania is

“…the Bournemouth University Business Society. It is for students from ALL courses, who are interested in business and getting to know more like-minded people. [Their] main goal is to help students in gaining valuable knowledge and experience in a fun and easy way. It’s for people who want to socialise, network, make friends, have fun, and learn something new about the business world and themselves.”

Having worked in the commercial business environment for 12 years before returning to Higher Education (this time to work) I can reflect on the business world and how today’s students need to be aware, and careful, of using social media and social networks for personal or professional purposes, whether it is for;

  • their own personal use, updates, post, networks, etc
  • their own professional use, updates, post, networks, etc, OR
  • their employer or client.

Either way, a simple slip-up can have drastic consequences for the individual or the company. And it’s not only what you do now that impacts on what happens now – what you do now, or have alreayd done, that can come back and haunt you in years to come.

Here are my slides for Business Mania event on “Social Media: Do you?”

Business Mania - "Social Media: Do you?"
SlideShare: “Social Media: Do You? (BU Business Mania Event) by David Hopkins”