2014: EWMA Conference, Madrid

2014 EWMA Conference

As part of the Teacher Network, my invitation to present to the 2014 EWMA Conference was to showcase developments and strategies for engaging and supporting students with new technologies in the delivery of teaching and learning.

Strategies for engaging students – “where will technology lead us?”

“Students are connected today more than they have ever been, whether it is with friends or family, or with their teachers or community leaders. The computing devices that they hold in their pockets or backpacks have as much computing power as NASA had when it put the first man on the Moon. But how do we, as educators, manage the use of these devices in the classroom? How can we be sure that they are not being used to update Facebook profiles, sending tweets or chat-messages, playing games, planning social events or a work shift, etc.? How can we engage the disengaged and bring their connections and connected lives into the classroom?

“Through a use of examples, case studies, and research, this session will look at what is being done to encourage the use of mobile devices in the classroom, it will consider the benefits and pitfalls of engaging students with ‘bring your own device’, and it will provide an opportunity for discussion around where these connections can, or should, lead.”

From the inclusion of video in teaching and learning materials to eAssessment, flipped classrooms, social media and the effective use of the VLE, I was able to show how technology can benefit both staff and students and enhance experiences … where will technology lead us?”

EWMA 2014 – Strategies for engaging students: where will technology lead us? from David Hopkins

YouTube: Where will technology lead us?

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