2012: QR Codes in Higher Education

An application was sent by myself and Dr. Milena Bobeva of Bournemouth University to the Higher Education Academy (www.heacademy.ac.uk) in response to their 2011 call for funding applications to run a workshop where we would be able to:

“offer the opportunity for knowledge transfer and development of new skills and ideas through networking with people interested in QR Codes as a new form of communication channel.”

The workshop is designed to take the participants on a journey of discovery, tailored to their own QR Code experience. It is suitable for both people who are new to the concept of QR Codes and those who have substantial experience and would like to build a network to extend the use of QR Codes in education through collaboration in joint projects.

The workshop website – bs1.bmth.ac.uk/QRCodes/ – has more details and links for registering for a ticket, but I will keep this page for updates, resources, and my presentation(s) to the workshop.

Here are some notes about the workshop, planning, QR Codes, etc:

  • Planning and managing the workshop was all done using a Google Site –  this meant it was easy to keep track of documents, schedules, etc, as well as sharing updates and important paperwork across a team often unable to meet in person.
  • Each speaker had a copy of the poster created especially for them, which had their own special QR Code and shortened URL – this enabled us to then check the statistics for the different codes created to see who and where the interest came from. Here is the poster I used: bs1.bmth.ac.uk/QRCodes/QRCode-Poster-DHopkins.pdf
  • All QR Codes for the workshop were created using the http://delivr.com system. While we recognise there are other systems available, this was the one we are most familiar with at this time and therefore decided to use.
  • Three surveys were created for the event, each one in Google Docs – Student Survey (50+ students surveyed at random across BU on their use and knowledge of QR Codes), a Delegate Survey (sent to delegates in the days prior to the workshop to gauge their expectations), and an Evaluation Survey, delivered to the delegates via QR Code.
  • A booklet and ‘Toolkit’ was developed and printed for the delegates that introduced QR Codes, showcased some well known examples of QR Codes, and highlighted some useful tools and/or resources to make the creation of QR Code campaigns easier.
  • Introductory presentation from me: http://prezi.com/oczo9vjzn__d/qr-codes-in-higher-education/
  • Slides from Milena Bobeva (available soon).
  • Slides and reflection from Andy Ramsden: http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/elevate/?p=11097


What’s next?

Reflecting on the workshop is an ingoing process – watch this space. Expect an in-depth learning resource on QR Codes in Higher Education (classroom) environment and a report on the student survey.

Photos from the Event (Instagram):


Andy Ramsden

Andy Ramsden

Cookies provided by The Urban Reef (thank you very much!)

Cookies provided by The Urban Reef (thank you very much!)

Workshop Evaluation Survey, delivered via QR Code :-)

Workshop Evaluation Survey, delivered via QR Code :-)

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