Coming soon – eBook on QR Codes in Education

eBook QR Codes in Education from David Hopkins

Title: “QR Codes in Education”
Author: David Hopkins
ISBN: 9781628470277
Word count: 13,600 (approx.)
Price: $2.99 / £1.99
Publish date: June 1, 2013

Update June 1st, 2013: Available online in selected stores – more information available.

Book description:

“These funny little black and white squares have appeared everywhere from billboards at the side of the road, roof tops, cola cans, buses, magazines, etc. So why not in your library, textbook, assignment, project, or classroom display? The ability to use them to direct students or colleagues to online resources (presentation slides, websites, video, book location, etc.) is powerful and engaging and, when well implemented, can offer a level of interaction and engagement. It’s not about what they are but about how we use them and what they can offer you in an educational setting.

Using computers and technology in educational environments can be exciting and challenging. Implementing QR Codes within your student’s learning is just that: exciting to see how students of all ages use and interact with them, and a challenge to make them usable, informative, applicable, and appropriate. This book draws on established examples from the commercial and corporate world as well as from established users of QR Codes at all levels of education; from primary schools up to Universities. Not only will you find examples of how QR Codes have been used but you will find out how you can design, create, and implement your own QR Code treasure hunt, library resource, student group work, orientation activity, conference or event feedback, etc.”

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