QR Code Trend Infographic #QRCode

For those interested in QR Codes, whether it’s for marketing or generally linking paper-to-digital materials then this infographic is worth looking at. It’s just using the basic facts that have been reported in the past few weeks (e.g. 14 million US people scanned a code last year – 2011).

Click the image to view the full infographic.

I’m not surprised that nearly half of the scans were to get some form or discount, the whole point of the encouraging people to Scan the code is to somehow give them something in return.

ThisĀ Calvin Klein video is a good example of giving the public something, giving them a reason to scan the code – the advert was too ‘raunchy’ for the billboard (deliberate?) so you scan the code to get the explicit video. Good marketing.

Dont’ forget the BU and HEA joint workshop on January 31st, 2012 on “Using QR Codes in Higher Education”. More information here: bs1.bmth.ac.uk/QRCodes/