All of a Twitter … how are social web tools used in University classrooms

I am trying to steer clear of blog posts that keep talking about Twitter, and how we can use it in a classroom setting, but this one (from the University of New South Wales) is one of the better ones I’ve seen recently that have the academic staff talking about how they are using it.

“It is the very interactive nature of social web tools that academics are finding so useful in the classroom.”

“What you can do with the Web 2.0 … is that you can deliver material gradually and you can allow students to interact with your course materials in a very different way.”

“Those sorts of tools are really interesting because they plug in to the  open web, which is what I’m really interested in; tools that allow us not to work in a walled-garden environment so much … but to work in the open world so that anyone can look at what we’re doing, if we wanted that, or we could restrict who the outsiders were, or we could invite outsiders in, or we could connect to anywhere on the web.”


Many thanks to mbogle for showing this video.