Facebook tips for Educators

facebookAre you using Facebook with your students?

I found this really useful list of “100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom” from the Online College, so take a peek and let me know what you think, and if you’ve anything to add to the list.

It’s easy to find your way around, it’s split into 10 nice sub-sections, these being;

  • Class Projects
  • Facilitate Communication
  • Benefits
  • Tips for Educators
  • Resources for Students
  • Apps for Teachers
  • Apps for both Teachers & Students
  • Groups for Teachers
  • Facebook in K12
  • … to find a Job

I’m also interested if you’ve been using Facebook in activities with your students; please leave a comment here on what you did, how you did it, did the students like it, what kid of results (better/worse than how you did a similar thing before) did you get.