Using Pinterest in the Classroom #edtech

If you have been thinking about how to use images and Pinterest in your classroom in an engaging and innovative way, and wondered about how ‘pinned’ images, videos, etc. can be used to group, collaborate, and crowdsource resources, then this infographic has some useful tips and links for you (click to view the full version):

 A Straightforward Guide To Using Pinterest In Education
Infographic: A Straightforward Guide To Using Pinterest In Education

 Here are a few interesting points to get you started:

  • Install the ‘pin it’ button to your browser so you can pin quickly and easily from any website you browse.
  • Use boards to collect pins from topics or areas of interest, and structure them well.
  • Like all social networks find and follow people and/or their boards.
  • Point Park University’s School of Communication has a board where students post and other students comment.
  • Northwest College Photographic students are using Pinterest to showcase and collaborate on projects, portfolios, and resources.

Pinterest is a great way to collect and share images as you find them, but you must be careful when dealing with the terms & conditions of Pinterest, and the scary world of copyright.

I am ‘hopkinsdavid’ on Pinterest, and have a couple of boards where I collect infographics, images, book covers, custom bikes, and generally ‘cool’ things or ideas. How do you use Pinterest? Are you using it to collect resources for yourself, your team, your school or students, or are you using it for a really unique and interesting reason – please let us know so we can share your experiences.