eBooks and Textbooks of the future #eBook #Infographic

As some of you will know I am a firm believer of eBooks and their place in future of learning and learning materials, as well as popular fiction. This is why I though I would post the link to this Infographic on eBooks and textbooks of tomorrow:

[Click to enlarge]

Via: OnlineEducation.net

Interesting facts that the graphic contains:

  • Digital textbooks are (on average) 53% cheaper than traditionally printed versions
  • Don’t invest in whiz-bang highlighter pens, invest in a tablet and use your finger to highlight instead
  • Included video and graphics bring the subject to the fore and in an interactive and engaging manner
  • New media will complement rather than distract from the original textbook message (depending on the author’s use of the media surely?)

What is your view of eBooks and their place in academia? Please leave a comment below and share your views.