Next phone; what to get?

So, I’m about to come to the part of my current contract where I get to upgrade to a new handset if I sign-up for a further 18 months. Here’s the BIG question … what do I get?

I’ve had my Nokia 6300 for about a year now, and it’s been good, but it’s not ‘modern’ enough for what I need; it’s a phone. Now I need a smartphone. I’m looking long and hard at the iPhone and Blackberry handsets and I’ve found I’m sat between two very different worlds.

Here’s how I’m working out which direction to go:

Apple iPhone

+ Amazingly sexy
+ So many functions and applications it boggles the mind
+ I can access Twitter using Twitterfon app 

– Vulnerable to scratches?
– Naff keyboard
– Predictable; everyone gets or wants one, and doesn’t show anything other than the fact I follow the crowd (I hate doing that!!)
– Expensive contract, on network I don’t like 
– I already have an iPod Touch and Classic so don’t need another bloomin’ Apple product!

Blackberry Bold

+ Proper keyboard
+ It’s not an iPhone 

–  Size
– Screen size
– Blackberry Internet access a separate price on top of network cost/charges
– Twitter app not currently available (?)
– Smaller screen than iPhone 

I’ve also considered the following handsets, and have discounted them mainly for reasons of either size, looks, lack of functionality, operating system, battery life;

Samsung F700 / G810
Blackberry Storm / Pearl
Nokia E75 / N96 / N97
HTC Touch 

But I don’t know which way to jump. Comments anyone??