Colored Highlights in Turnitin / GradeMark #edtech

Newly updated feature of GradeMark is the ability to set a colour for your highlight/comments:

YouTube: Turnitin: Colored Highlights in GradeMark

Just having the ability to use a different colour is not important. What will be important is that you use this consistently across all your student feedback. Choose a colour for a certain type of comment (language, grammar, composition, etc) and make sure you use it for only that – if in doubt, write it on a post-it note and stick it to your monitor to remind you. Turnitin says that:

“One great way to use these various highlights is to colour-code your feedback – for example, blue may be constructive feedback, green can be positive reinforcement, yellow can be be comments on composition, pink may be comments on format, and purple can be comments on grammar.”

Is this going to make a difference in how you use GradeMark? Are you already using the coloured highlight option, and if so what is your impression of it: has it made a positive/negative difference on how you comment and feedback to the student? All comments welcome.