Blackboard launches custom toolbar for IE and Firefox users

Blackboard have announced they’re releasing a custom toolbar for IE and Firefox users;

“Get notifications directly from your Blackboard Learn system with an easy-to-use browser toolbar. You’ll receive regular updates of new content items, grades, discussions and announcements. And you’ll save time and energy with an automatically generated set of links that give you one-click access to all of your courses.”

I’ve installed it and got it running in IE7 (although I usually use Chrome for the majority of my browsing, Blackboard doesn’t work well in it so I use IE7 for all Blackboard activity). However, when I try and login it crashes the browser, the same happens for Firefox 3 as well.

Is anyone using it yet, any comments on how it works, it’s effectiveness, etc, then please let me know, I’d be interested to know.