David Hopkins

David HopkinsMy name is David Hopkins, and I am an experienced learning technologist and specialist in the UK.

All views expressed here and in the posts are personal are are not representative of my employer; past, present, or future.

Who am I?
I graduated in 1996 from Kingston University with an honours degree in Geology and, after a short time in the UK oil & gas industry retrained myself as a web designer and Internet consultant. Over the next 8-10 years I worked in a variety of Internet agencies and as a self-employed freelance designer and Internet consultant. I gained experience with creating and managing online communities and managing customer expectations in an online environment, which I have utilised and expanded during 5 years as a Learning Technologist at Bournemouth University and a further 2 years at the University of Leicester. In May 2014 I joined the University of Warwick and Warwick Business School as an eLearning Consultant.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the Association of Learning Technology. In 2011 I completed and graduated (with Merit) a PG Cert course in Education Practice at Bournemouth University. In November 2013 I was awarded the certification of accreditation to the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT).

David Hopkins, BSc (Hons), PG Cert, FHEA, CMALT

About this blog
I started this blog to order and publish my thoughts, and to engage with educators, facilitators, technicians, designers, etc who are interested in the same kind of things, namely eLearning, mLearning, Blackbaord / VLE / CMS, simulation-based learning, technology in the classroom, Web 2.0, Augmented Reality, QR Codes, etc.

I enjoy working in this evolving environment of development in theories, pedagogy, and approaches to ‘learning’. With all the hype about everything and anything online and with everything with an ‘e’ in front of it (eLearning, ePortfolio, eMail, eUniversity, etc) there’s plenty to keep me engaged and working hard. I am always trying to find out something I do not know, and to understand it, and bring it into my work so others can benefit from a new technique, a new piece of technology, or just a different style of doing the same thing … just something to bring some variety into the ‘normal’.

What is a Learning Technologist?
I believe the role of a Learning  Technologist is evolving, and I am enjoying the exploration of ‘what’ we are and ‘how’ we work. I have written a few posts on my thoughts on the role and it’s evolution during my time (2007-2012) at Bournemouth University, and I am taking this knowledge and widening it in my new role at the University of Leicester – please feel free to leave a comment, even if you disagree with me, it is this engagement and discourse that is encouraging the discussion on our role and the kind of route we can/should be taking as a professional discipline in education:

Why “Don’t Waste Your Time”?
When I was setting the blog up I wanted a domain and not just something like blogname.wordpress.com. I was doing some searches, based around my name, and was coming up blank. I thought I ought to stop wasting my time and get on with some work … hey presto, a name. www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk.

Avatar / Photo
I use the avatar at the top of the page for most of my online activity, it’s just a form of anonymity but it’s also a graphic I quite like. It may not (or does it?) look anything like me but it’s served me proud on a variety of websites where I am easily recognised by it. I am also keen to say I am not hiding behind it (here is a real picture of me), but the avatar has become my ‘calling-card’ and ‘brand’, so to speak. I’ve written at length about my changing avatars.

Like all bloggers, I welcome comments! Comments are an important part of my learning process and this means I’m able to share more information with others. To leave a comment just click on the “comment” link after the post. The link may say something like “3 comments”, “Comments (0)” or even “No Comments”. Click on it anyway!

I do moderate the comments on my blog. This is only to stop the huge amount of spam that seem automated and quite filthy! I believe in openness so even if you disagree with me I’ll more than likely approve your comment; just keep it clean and without advertising please. OK?

Oh, and no adverts or pretending to like something when it turns out you’re actually employed by them. I want this blog and it’s comments to be honest, open, and fair and without prejudice.

Guest Posts
Please also respect the fact that I do not have any guest posts on this blog, nor does anyone ‘ghost’ write for me. This is me and my work and my passion, so please don’t ask me to publish your work.

I started using twitter early in 2009, and have realised that, without proper self-control and management, it can control and take over your life. I use my Twitter account ‘hopkinsdavid‘ for work and eLearning, I don’t use Twitter for personal and/or garbage.

Personal Learning Network / PLN
I am enjoying the freedom that my PLN offers me; I am not constrained to just my blog, or to Twitter or Facebook, but I can bring all sorts of different and varied systems in to my everyday blogging and eLearning life (professionally or personally). Here is the PLN I created in December 2009;
DavidHopkins - Personal Learning Environment (PLE)